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6th Annual Women in Leadership Recognition Dinner

6th Annual Women in Leadership Recognition Dinner

Each month the Buffalo Niagara Chapter of NYS Women, Inc. and WKBW-TV showcase successful local women who give back through their volunteer efforts. Women In Leadership honorees are Western New York working women, professionals, and women business owners who exhibit leadership, enterprise, and excellence in their profession and give back to the community through their volunteer service.

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Why am I part of BNC...

You may be wondering if NYS Women Inc. is a good use of your valuable time. It is. I've been a member since 1999 and have made great contacts, great friends, learned a lot about a variety of topics and enjoyed wonderful food. What else could be worth only a couple hours of your time per month?

Amy Jo Lauber, CFP
Lauber Financial Planning


The Buffalo Niagara Chapter of NYS Women, Inc. – fosters the success of women in the workforce throughout Western New York; offering career advancement resources, work/life strategies, leadership development, and personal and professional connections.

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Women In Leadership Award


May 2018 Honoree

Sarah Bachwitz
Founder & President
Empower Camp

Sarah Bachwitz is the founder and president of Empower Camp, a new non-profit created to ignite young women’s inner power. It is a non-denominational camp program, open to all cultures, religions and backgrounds for young women ages 14-18.

Empower Camp was founded in the depths of the Gobi Desert. Yes, you read that correctly. The Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Sarah hiked 100 kilometers across the Gobi Desert without the comforts of home and realized that it is not the clothes she wears or her social media or anything else that defines her. Sarah says, “What defines her is her inner power. Her inner power got her through those nine days in the desert and her inner power will continue to allow her to chase her dreams and live boldly.”

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