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Event date: 2/1/2023 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Export event
Tabitha Sweeney - Champion & Mentor of Authenticity & Self Worth
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Tabitha Sweeney - Champion & Mentor of Authenticity & Self Worth

Tabitha began her career in fitness over a decade ago with the cookie cutter goal of helping people lose weight and get healthy. After becoming a mother in 2014 and experiencing postpartum depression, her passion shifted into helping women ease the daily guilt they are burdened with. Her goal was to build a new kind of fitness. One where women accepted themselves as is, and worked out for a multitude of reasons other than losing weight.

In 2022, she closed her fitness business altogether to pursue coaching and mentorship opportunities, allowing her to help more women on a larger scale.

Her message and all of her programs are built upon three fundamental principles:

  1. You are worthy because you were born
  2. You can not live authentically or believe your full worth until you accept your body as it is
  3. Confident women are the greatest threat to the patriarchy, and it’s time the patriarch fell.

She is a distinguished speaker, a hopeful author and a proven coach and mentor, helping her clients on a journey of self growth so that they may raise their vibrations and live the life they have up until now, only dreamed of.

In addition to all of her accomplishments, Tabitha is a recovering people pleaser, a mother of two and an active feminist. She is an avid hiker & outdoor adventurer, a dog lover and an empath to the max.

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