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Adriana Gonzales-Vera - June 2015 Woman in Leadership Honoree

Adriana Gonzales-Vera - June 2015 Woman in Leadership Honoree

Author: Renee Cerullo/Friday, June 26, 2015

Adriana Gonzales-VeraAdriana Gonzales-Vera
Co-founder and COO of Haute La Vie

Adriana Gonzales-Vera is co-founder and COO of Haute La Vie, a creative agency based here in Buffalo NY. The agency’s goal is to bring equality to the world through high quality content. There clients consist of audio & visual designers looking to distribute their content and/or companies looking to acquire creative content. Adriana and her partner Shawn Patterson are also very passionate about Buffalo and all this city has to offer. They are currently organizing the Buffalo Reunion Weekend happening here July 16 - 19, and will include the Unity Music Fest on Saturday July 18th. The goal of the Buffalo Reunion Weekend is to showcase the City of Buffalo, its people and this resurgence of the City; to celebrate all that is happening in the arts and music world, as well as the growth in general. Expats are being invited to join so that they can see what has happened and is happening in the City since they have left, and they hope to open up doors to showcase this wonderful city and it’s people t o the rest of the world.

Adriana was born in Lima, Peru and lived there as well as Bogota, Colombia and Mexico City before moving to the Rochester, NY area with her mother at the age of 13. She came to Buffalo, NY to attend Canisius College where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations with a concentration in Sociology. After getting her degree she worked at Hispanics United in the Pre-Employment and Training Department assisting individuals looking to find employment as well as find training that could assist them and open them up for better opportunities. She now also works in Commercial Banking at HSBC ensuring to maintain excellent customer relations with all clients and ensure all their banking needs are being serviced.


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