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Amy Jo Lauber releases her first book

Author: Renee Cerullo/Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amu Jo Lauber - bookAmy Jo Lauber started her financial services career as a registered representative for a financial services agency specializing in qualified retirement plans. She learned two things about herself very quickly in this experience.

First, she knew she was good at helping clients manage their financial challenges. Second, she discovered that selling products on commission did not motivate her. What motivated her was helping people.

Several years later, Amy found a way to resolve her ambivalence, establishing Lauber Financial Planning. Now she helps clients build financial strategies without any ethical ambiguity. She can recommend the best strategies and products for her clients without the cloud of being paid by the products her clients purchase.

Amy now charges for her objective advice. Her career is now better aligned with her values, her spiritual orientation, and her sense of who she is and her unique mission.

Amy realizes that what makes her so effective as a financial advisor is that she applies the spiritual knowledge that has helped her establish balance in her life to helping her clients define and achieve their financial goals. The secret of Amy’s success is that money and beliefs can be integrated to create harmony.

We have all grown up with certain experiences around managing money. Most of us have fallen into the habit of using money to fill a void in our lives rather than focusing on finding and filling the empty places in our lives and then using money as a means to living our values rather than making money the value we pursue in the abstract.

Living Inspired and Financially Empowered is Amy’s philosophy and methodology written down in simple, engaging and inspiring terms that many readers experience as a moment to exhale. She clearly identifies the money traps people fall into and draws clear connections between spiritual and psychological dynamics that make us vulnerable to these traps. She offers hope, not criticism, for those who see themselves on her pages, by helping them see themselves creating a better life (an acronym of the book title is LIFE). What makes that life better is that it is no longer money-centric, but rather is now centered in relationships, values, connection to one’s inner sense of self and sense of connection to the universe.

Lauber will be holding a launch party and book signing at Frank Lloyd Wright Fontana Boathouse on Sunday May 27, 2012 from 2-4:30 PM. Light refreshments will be served.   


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