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Free the Girls Project

Author: Renee Cerullo/Saturday, December 13, 2014

The BRA PROJECT: Did you ever buy a bra, get it home and say what was I thinking? I have a few bras that were on sale; like a leopard print, or a lavender underwire..... just to mention two that I have no problem donating. Size, color, shape doesn't matter. We can use them! We will be collecting them at every BNC meeting.

Here's a great project that Zonta started and we can support. Candace Edwards  a member of the CNY chapter of NYS Women, Inc. and is the Governor of Zonta International District 2 has agreed to accept the bras for NYS Women Inc. Chapter and Region donations. She will accept  all the bras we can give her and get them to women of Central America and Africa. This is truly a case of women helping women - where we can make a huge impact!

The gently used bras are sent to Africa and Central America to be resold by women freed from human trafficking, specifically the sex trade. These women now have a legitimate income and can earn a middle class living for themselves, their children, and extended families.

Kimba Langas, television producer, and Dave Terpstra, social entrepreneur, founded Free the Girls in 2010. By partnering with safe houses and after-care facilities, women rescued from sex trafficking are provided an opportunity to earn a living selling second-hand clothing. This enables them to attend school, get healthy, and care for their families.

Each woman who sells second-hand bras from Free the Girls displays her wares differently. They may be decorating a fence, sold in an alley, or pedaled door to door. Her initial inventory is donated, but after that she must buy the bras. In Mozambique where the average daily wage is two dollars, selling bras for one dollar can make a woman self-sufficient. Ofelia, a Mozambique seller, has used the income from her business to build her house and support herself, her sister, and her sister’s three children.

Full article - http://yourhub.denverpost.com/blog/2014/07/zonta-collects-bras-for-free-the-girls/50545/

At our BNC Meeting in Nov we collected over 70 bras!


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