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Sue Mager - State of the State Address

Author: Renee Cerullo/Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We’ve done a lot in 3 years let’s celebrate and be proud of our accomplishments. Gratitude to those who believed in our mission and vision in creating NYS Women Inc.
  • Established our name/ identity and completed legal incorporation processes.
  • Created a meaningful logo for marketing NYS Women Inc.
  • Developed marketing/membership materials for NYS Women Inc. Chapters.
  • Communications Committee produced top- notched NIKE, Website and monthly Communicator.
  • Strategic Planning Committee and By-Laws created regions. Replacing Districts based on membership numbers and geography.
  • Manual of Instruction changes have been approved.
  • A “speaker’s bureau” has been added to the website.
  • The month of October has been designated New York State Women in Business Month for 2013.

Still much work to be done: It is so important that members participate in decision making on the State/Regional level and share ideas. You are and have always been the voice of New York’s working women.

  • Establish a membership process that allows credit card payment for renewing and new member dues.
  • Strategic planning: The 8 region plan passed effective 7/1/2012. The next step is establishing our structure. What should the size of the BOD be, should all Board positions be elected? Are some aspects of the board meetings “time wasters”?
  • Define what our advocacy priorities are(i.e. mandated issues)
  • Public Relations: respond to timely issues with statements from the organization and send out to NYS communities.
  • Professional and Personal Development: What can we do to promote the programs? What are the Chapters and Regions needs
  • Youth Leadership-provide a program guide to each Region to enable Regions and Chapters to present the program in their own communities, rather than at a State BOD meeting.

2012-2013 Presidents Theme is it “Women Helping Women”, “Building Powerful Women”, “Back to Basics” or even “The Challenge of Change”? No, this year there is no “President’s Theme” This year is “Your Year” to do what your Chapter does best in your community. Speak out about inequities facing your sisters, foster personal, political, and professional development , provide education and information in your community and New York State will be a better place thanks to your NYS Women Inc. Chapter activities.

  • Centralize the 2013 Winter and Conference meetings (currently looking at Utica, Syracuse area).
  • Schedule the Winter BOD meeting as a 1 day /9 am -5 pm working Board meeting in a low cost college type setting with stay over options.
  • Loose the words “club and locals” and -consistently identify ourselves as “Chapters” of NYS Women Inc.
  • Revamp the monthly Communicator to be a one page monthly contact directing members to the website to “read more” for the full articles
  • Assign duties to the Team 2012 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents now that the BOD now seats a Membership and Communications Chair , relieving the respective officers of those duties, assign the 1st Vice President the task of preparing a “Program Guide” for the Chapters/Regions and coordinate State meetings (i.e. Program book) logistics. Assign Data Base Manager” duties to the 2nd Vice President.

District 8 members serving on Team 2012: Renee Cerullo-running for 2nd Vice President, Mary Stelley-Finance Chair, Ruth Ann Rocque, and Vice Chair.aslo serving as Vice Chair Fall BOD meeting. : Linda Przepasniak— Communications Chair also serving as Chair of the Fall Board meeting here in District 8, Sue Fayle, Parliamentarian, Katharine Smith, NIKE Editor, Kathy Cerullo- Registration Chair Fall State meeting, Ramona Gallagher-Strategic Planning Chair. Joyce DeLong-Website Chair.

“What Can New York State Women Inc. do for You?"


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